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Christian Moreno is a electronic music producer born in 1985, whose love for this genre dates back to his adolescence. At the age of 14 or 15, he began exploring electronic music and became fascinated by its distinctive sounds and rhythms.

His first steps in music creation were taken by composing music for video games, which allowed him to experiment and develop his creativity in music production. Over time, his passion grew, and he decided to expand his skills in music production using Fruity Loops software.

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industry. With the aim of perfecting his skills, he joined The Bassvalley Barcelona music production school and Audioacademia by Daniel Trim, where he could expand his theoretical and practical knowledge and learn from other talented producers.

Under his own name, Christian Moreno has dedicated himself to creating electronic music with a focus on dark and experimental sounds.

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As a notable milestone in his career, Christian has released two EPs through the Xtence Records label, led by Jhon P. Additionally, his music has received support from renowned industry artists such as Paula Cazenave, Cristian Varela, Mosher, and Squadrum, who have recognized his talent and endorsed his work, contributing to his growing reputation in the electronic music scene.

Today, Christian Moreno remains dedicated to music production, working hard to perfect his art and explore new creative frontiers.

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